Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tourney at Keith's

Oh boy, I got some cards tonight, but it was not meant to be...

- Won a nice pot early on w/ KK... beat AT.
- Won another decent pot w/ Q7 out of the big blind vs the small blind.... flopped top pair, then made 2-pair on the river.

But things went downhill from there...

- Laid down 99 on an ace high flop.
- Laid down TT after the turn on a AQ67 board... opponent showed 66.
- Came over the top of someone pre-flop w/ 99 (I had him covered)... got called by QJs (granted, he had fair odds to call).... loved the flop... 983 gave me the nuts... but a ten on the turn gave him the nuts... the river did not pair the board... boo.
- Ultimately got knocked out w/ AK against AJ (against the same guy whose QJ held up against my flopped set of nines)... and he didn't even hit a jack... 4 diamonds rolled out to suit up w/ his jack of diamonds.

I then bought in short ($20) to a cash game $1/$2 NLHE. I got dealt AK of hearts in about the 10th hand... I raised it 3x the BB, get a couple of callers... the button re-raises, I call... two others call. I think I had $16 to start the hand, so I'm now in position to quadruple up... $64 or nothing.

The flop comes 9TJ with the nine and jack of hearts... wow... not a bad flop... I'm now drawing to the nuts if I can catch a queen or a heart... turn brick, river brick... the guy who re-raised pre-flop took it down with a flopped set of nines.

Not my night... but it was fun.

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