Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Blind Special

I won the "high hand of the night" in Kevin's tourney on February 5.

I had been playing super tight early on w/ a very good player to my left (Keith)... so I finally got to see a flop from the big blind in a limped (unraised) pot with K6o.

Three of us went to the flop... KK2... bingo. I played it slow, figuring I was way ahead or way behind someone w/ a better king. It was checked around.

The turn was a 10. I checked again. Paul bet about 1/2 the pot and I called. There was about 100 chips in the pot by now.

The river was my gin card... the final king to give me quads. I had played it so passively that I don't think anyone could have put me on the case king, so I checked again. Paul bet small (25 chips) and I raised the minumum, figuring there's no way he could fold a ten... he ended up calling w/ ace high... I slow rolled it unintentionally when I turned over one card at a time... the 6... then the king... the room erupted... I don't think anyone believed I had it.