Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Baseball Stuff...

- Hard to believe the Giants are in the World Series... they really are a bunch of misfits... well, their lineup anyway. Except for Buster Posey and maybe Freddy Sanchez, there are not many teams who would want these guys on their team.

- Texas looked really good versus NY... I would not be shocked if the Rangers won in 5 games... but hope I'm wrong.

Poker Stuff...

- Worst month of my poker career taking place right now... down about 25 buy-ins... yikes... combination of rough luck (I paid off flopped quads twice today), tilt on my part (lousy play caused by frustration) and awful timing... my monster hands (top set on the flop, for example) are either getting no action or are getting run down on flush and straight draws. But I feel great right now and will go get 'em tomorrow... generally pleased with my play. This downswing will have me playing more hands in position, playing tighter (better hands) and playing more aggressive than ever in the future... so that will benefit me long term.

- The final table of the Main Event is still a couple weeks away. I have to admit the delay was a good idea, but 4 months is ridiculous... 1-3 weeks would be way better. I'm still going to watch it, but it's lost all of its momentum.

- Glad to hear that ESPN3 will be broadcasting the final table live w/out hole cards... that will be lots of fun... looking forward to that.

- Wish ESPN would get their heads out of their buts... 27 episodes leading up to the final table? Yawn. No one likes to watch poker on TV more than I do, but this is beyond lame, very little interest to me. However, I would love to see the final three tables broadcast live (27 players down to 9)... and would probably pay to see it.

- Glad to hear that Erik Seidel made it into the poker hall-of-fame, long overdue... classy guy. And love his sense of humor... I follow him on Twitter... his latest post: Why is it ok for people to applaud when the plane lands, but everyone gives me a look when I do it on the shuttle bus?

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